Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm myself again

All last week I felt as if I as in a daze or a fog. I had no energy what so ever. It was a struggle standing on my feet in the morning and to do my job. I've never experienced so much loss of energy before in my life. I was a lot better last Monday but on Tuesday morning I realized I wasn't getting any better and went to see a doctor. So now I'm on antibiotics and they took their time working.

This weekend I spent mostly in horizontal position. I can't just be in bed doing nothing, so I was relieved to find out I could prop me up in the sofa and knit! I made Knitty's Calorimetry on the Saturday. I knit it from the giant hat I made the other day (about a month ago) with Patons SWS soy-wool yarn.

I took the progress photo because it was fun to knit from a hat, rather then the usual skein or ball of yarn. My last project was actually knit from a plate of yarn (the unspun) so I guess I have a theme going!

On Sunday I finished the Mid April Dishcloth KAL.

I love this pattern because it's lacy or what it's called when you do yarnovers and decreases on both sides of the fabric. This is a first for me and a good practice for further lace work, perhaps on of these. I took the photo without any sunlight whatsoever so I wonder if you can see the traveling stitches zigzagging up the dishcloth? It's beautiful. I'm glad I went ahead and did this one. The May KAL will start tomorrow and I'm in the mood for more dishcloths, thankfully since I still have lots of this stuff.

I got a nice surprise at work today. My co-worker got some of her friend's knitting needles and gave me some duplicates. These are vintage needles, unused and all. All of them are sock needles (dpn) and 4 in a pack from Susan Bates.

The consist of one size 0 (2 mm), one size 1 (2.25 mm), two size 4 (3.5 mm), two size 5 (3.75 mm) and one size 9 (5.5 mm) needles.


Sigga Sif said...

Lucky you! You can never have too many DPN's.

I think the washcloth looks beautiful... too good to use as "tuska" (washrag? dishrag? whatever). More of a þvottapoki.

Sonja said...

Yes, definately þvottapoki (facecloth). I'm using most of my dishcloths as borðtuskur (rags) and my favorites as þvottapoki. I'm not using any as actual dishcloths because I don't like washing dishes with cloths, I prefer brushes or sponges.

Rebecca said...

That's a good idea, to use the nice ones to wash your face. I don't like washing dishes with anything but a brush either. And it is such a pretty cloth.

That knitting from the hat picture is so fun! I want to make that Calorimetry headband too, maybe for this coming winter.