Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Regarding last post, I wasn't upset about no one commenting as I was upset about Stephanie's comment on her blog. Who doesn't like to have comments? So my apologies for my faithful readers. I do mostly blog for myself, so I'm thankful anyone reads this at all!

Here is a photo of the start of the hat.

Can you see the peculiarity? There is a blue stripe in the beginning of the hat but the skein doesn't show any blue at all! This is very curious and I'm anxiously knitting and wondering if there will be another blue stripe. But this does explain why the colorway is called Natural Navy! The yarn is Patons SWS, which has 30% soy content. This is the first time I've knitted with soy yarn and now I know why it's sometimes called soy silk. It has the most beautiful sheen (shine?) and it's soft too.

That book you see in the upper left corner is Victorian Lace Today and I love it, love, love love. It's beautiful and has a lot of history. The patterns are very varied and there are not just three cornered shawls, which usually dominate shawl knitting.

Linda asked to see a picture of all the County Houses. Since I (or rather Ása) woke up early this morning I snapped a picture, not in daylight but it turned out pretty good regardless.

I love how different they are, but yet so similar. You can click the picture to see it larger.


Marit kostøl said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog for a little while- I'd often like to comment, but I just don't know what to say...
I would never have guessed that it was a bag you'd started- I've just felted mine- my 14 year old son knitted it for me, but we started with a rectangular bottom, knit back and forth, then I crocheted two rounds along the sides before picking up stitches, and he finished it knitting in the round. I cast off 12 stitches for handles, then cast on 15 new (like for buttonholes) then he knitted 10 more rounds, and it was done.Felted it on 60 deegres in the washingmachine, now it's drying.He knitted with a double strand of Gjestal Vestlandsgarn on size 6mm, I think it was.All crazy colours- but it turned out great! Can't wait to start using it. And I would like to join in on your samprjòn too-I might not have the proper yarn,but I'll go with whatever I have.
Gledilegra pàska! Bestu kvedjur frá Marit i Noregi

marit kostøl said...

By the way- húfan verdur mjög sæt- og skemmtilegt med lítirnar.
Marit i Noregi

Sonja said...

Thank you Marit. Nice to hear from you :) I would love to see your finished bag. Especially with all the modifications. If you can read Icelandic fairly well you're also welcome to join Garnaflaekja.

There have been some changes to the Samprjon. I'll post them in a separate post.