Wednesday, April 18, 2007

BTW If you were wondering, the Secret KAL was this: Quickie Baby Sweater.

Most people made it through, while other had a slight mishap. I'm one of those. There is a section of increases that I could not get right. Once I fixed one row it was time for another row of increases and I messed up again. I've ripped back about 4 times and probably have to do it once more at least. But it is a quick knit so it´s not hard to rip back and knit again.

I started a French Market Bag a way back, thinking it would be a perfect travelling project. It is, but couple of days before our trip I lost it! I lost the project. All I remember was that I put it in a good place. How typical.

Our trip was a roadtrip to Lake Erie, where we spent couple of nights at a cabin. We drove through Amish country (I managed to find some antique quilts). We visited Put-in-Bay, on an Island in the Lake and on the way back we went through Cleveland and Akron. We live in South-East Ohio, so it´s a quite a big distance away. My dad and stepmom are visiting us and it was a great opportunity for them to see the country side and the state of Ohio (and for us too). Two days was really too short time to visit that area, but since the tourist season hasn't started yet and things are pretty much closed (including Cedar Point) it worked out fine.

So before I left I had to find a project to take with me on the trip. I needed something where I didn't need a computer (most patterns I work from are in the computer and I don´t have a printer) so none of the projects I was currently working on fit. I ended up starting the EZ baby sweater with the plötulopi that my stepmom brought me. It is in the most beautiful light green color. Plötulopi is unspun wool and it breaks quite easily but it's as easy to put it back together (wet the ends and roll them together). The fiber is fragile but the knitted fabric is very sturdy and strong. I don´t think I can rip it back though if I needed but I can unknit it, go back few stitches without problems.

Now work - later yarn shops in Columbus.

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Rebecca said...

I do that all the time, putting something somewhere because it's an obvious place, and then forgetting where it was I put it.