Sunday, December 30, 2007

Toasty toes

Aloe sokkar
Originally uploaded by rajnos.

Now my toes will be warm and soft with these socks knit with Austermann Step aloe vera/jojoba oil yarn. US 1 needles (2.25mm), 2 circs, toe up.

I wanted these socks to be fraternal instead of identical. I think they would be more boring and predictable if they were both the same. This way the pattern looks more random.

We are getting settled in the new house. Hopefully I can start to knit more in the future than I have in the last few weeks.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Finishing up couple of things

I put some photos on flickr.

Progress photos on a felted bag I´m working on. Pattern from

Bag to be felted closed Bag to be felted open

I´ve saved up leftover yarn from slippers I´ve made from Fritidsgarn from Sandnes. Like these I made for Clint (again):

Slippers before felting

I made this ´Tribble´ from a leftover yarn as well. This time from a 4 corners dishcloth. The pattern of which can be found on the same website as for the Tribbles.


Lastly and finally I present The Woodland Shawl.

Woodland shawl pattern Woodland shawl blocking

It is finally off the needles and is blocking as we speak. It´s quite small. I´m thinking about making it into a shrug.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Attention all knitters!

Go see 'The Golden Compass'. Do it now. Now I said!

Seriously. There is some fantastic knitting there, although they can't pronounce Ragnar Sturluson to save their life. Despite having an Icelandic pronunciation consultant listed in the credits. He he Sólveig, wherever you are, at least you tried.

Lyra´s jacket is awesome but this this hat is a little weird. I liked this one a lot better. Another photo, which shows the back.

Monday, December 03, 2007

I got it! Eureka!

It seemed odd to me that people around me seemed to be able to felt just fine with top loaders but I only with front loaders.

Talking to a lady at the library knitting club last Saturday I found out what the difference is. It appears that the standard American washers don't heat the water like their European counterpart, but use water preheated by a water heater. This explains many things, like why American washers are much faster than European and why they only have cold, warm and hot settings and not the actual temperature you are washing with.

So in Iceland I threw the objects in the washer and they came out all felted and nice. Here I throw things in the washer and they come out all limp and pathetic :(

But the 'felt-by-hand' method seems to work for me so I'm just gonna stick with that (and keep my eye out for a water heating washer).

p.s. does anyone know what are the temperatures behind the cold, warm and hot? Does it perhaps depend on the water heater in question. If you have a formula for it, all the better :)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

A short sock post

This post will be short and it will be about a short pair of socks.


CO 48, k2, p2 down to heel, short-row, double wrap heel.

Pooling, flashing, you name it. Thankfully my 4 yo. doesn't read knitting blog and has no idea that could be undesirable. She loves them.