Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Samprjon changes

The pattern I had picked out for the first Samprjon was Sheldon from Knitty. I'd heard that it was a fast knit, but as I was reviewing the pattern I realized that the shell would be hard to knit without seeing the photo of the finished project.

I had a back-up project I was going to use as the second project. This is the one I'll be posting on Friday. It requires 100 gr of worsted weight yarn. It is a yarn that typically uses 4.5-5 mm needles, but in this project we use 6 mm needles, either straight or circular. So it is going to be a fast knit, estimating about 4-5 hours.

I'm sorry about the changes and forgetting to post it here. I did post the changes in Garnaflaekja, my online Icelandic knitting club.

I hope you will pick up your pointy sticks and knit with us starting Friday. Those of you living in Iceland will have Easter vacation so there is no excuse not to participate :)

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