Friday, April 06, 2007

Hatdisaster Easter - just because it rhymes, sort of

It was way too big. It was even too big for my husband. This is how it looks:

And here is how big it is:

So it's either felting or back to the drawing board. When I was knitting it I was trying it on and I did pass the point of thinking 'It'll probably fit very snuggly now' and kept on knitting. I also had 104 sts. on 5.5 mm needles. Which sounded kind off big.


Linda litlaskvis said...

Woha! That is a big hat.
And your hair is so long now!

ps. I miss you.

Anonymous said...

góð litasamsetning
man að ég fitjaði upp 70 L á prjóna nr. 6 í lopahúfurnar okkar