Friday, April 27, 2007

A Quick Blog

Here is the sweater unwashed and without buttons. I washed it already but discovered that I have no white towels, only blue, so 1) I have to buy white towels so I can take picture of knitted garments and 2) you'll have to wait until it's dry and the buttons have been sewn on for a photo of the finished sweater. It wouldn't look much different though (excluding the buttons).

I wanted to wash it with a conditioner to make the sweater as soft as possible, but discovered I didn't have a clue how to do that. I failed to ask my Icelandic online knitting group (like I planned) so I had to just wing it. I'm not all that good handwashing wool to begin with. There is no 'dear mamma' here in Athens. I have a confession to make. I've always asked my mom to wash my wool until now. I guess I'll have to learn to stand on my own two feet, knitting wise.

At first I tried to apply the conditioner as you would on hair, but it wouldn't spread so I ended up squeezing it lightly and using way more than I ever would use on my own hair. It doesn't seem to have felted at all. I had to rinse it twice because the color bled a little bit. Then I put it on a towel, folded it up in a circle to get as much moister out as possible. Right now it's drying on my bed.

I'll have to write more later. I'm too tired and I'll have to go to bed.


Rebecca said...

I have never tried conditioner.

I make my own wool wash... I can send you some if you would like. Or I use Eucalan or Dr Bronners liquid soap in a pinch (it's castille soap so it's very mild). You can usually find that one in health food stores, and it has really bizarre labels.

Rebecca said...

I meant to add, the sweater looks very pretty so far.

Sigga Sif said...

I just use the conditioner as I would with any wool wash, fill the sink with water and put in a little conditioner and stir. Then immerse the item in there etc.

I love this sweater, it's such a nice pattern.

Sonja said...

I see a got it a little wrong with the conditioner. Next time I will try shampoo OR if I'm lucky, some of Rebecca's special stuff. Yes, please Rebecca. If you'll spare some I'll gladly take it.