Monday, October 24, 2011

Good housekeeping

I had Thursday and Friday off last week to recuperate after a very busy time at work. By Sunday I felt so much better. I had energy to do things I normally don't on the weekend, like cleaning. Getting my room/craft space in order resulted in me finishing up some small projects that only needed a little bit of work. One was recent (the Lizard Ridge Dishcloth) and two were some I made in May and only had a little bit of finishing left).

One of the patterns made in May was a potholder / hot pad I made from three strands double worsted weight Peaches and Creme. Unfortunately, this yarn had been discontinued, although the worsted weight equivalent is still being produced.

I made them by casting on few stitches and knitting stockinette stitch for a while (knit one row, knit backwards the next). I made it rather long and then folded it in half on the 'wrong' side and sew together. This thing is like an inch thick! It will protect you or your table well from the heat.

The yarn was left over from a project I had just finished at the time (in May 2011): Adsorba from the first Mason-Dixon book.

I never blogged it, but it is super squishy and soft. A dream to step on after a shower or a bath (I'm more of a shower person). When the Peaches and Creme company was bought out, I figured I better order this yarn (double worsted) so I can make this bathmat before it's too late. I'm glad I did, since the yarn was discontinued. The bathmat is made from Hunter (dark green), celery (light green) and white. I was originally going to get off-white, but they were out of that color, but I'm glad, because the white really makes the other colors pop, whereas the off-white would have made the colors more blend. I bought three other colors, dark and light gray and yellow. Hopefully someday I'll make another Absorba bathmat.

The other project I worked on in May was a linen washcloth. I had gotten the yarn from, but sadly it's discontinued. I crochet a square with SC (single crochet - fastapinni) through the back loops to give it more texture.After I had a square, I did a reverse SC on the edges ( crab stitch - krabbahekl) for support since it was rather flimsy. I only had a few crab stitches left because I hadn't secured it well enough and some of the stitches had come undone.

Linen dishcloth before use

I used it this morning in the shower, and what a luxury. I loved the feel of it and it held the soap very well. But something unexpected happened. It grew! The yarn relaxed so much, I've never seen anything like it.

Perhaps it's because it's linen. Perhaps it's because the yarn is barely spun. Perhaps it's the stitch pattern. Maybe it's all of those things. I wish I could try another stitch pattern or a tighter gauge. I would love more linen washcloths, but unfortunately the yarn has been discontinued.

The final project I finished yesterday (Sunday 10-23-11, 23. október) was another dishcloth I only had a couple of garter stitch rows left on. I saw denim colors of Sugar'n cream yarn - indigo and stonewash - which were irresistible. It's not actually denim yarn (which shrinks and fades with wash), just denim colored yarn, but it's supercool just the same. I made the Lizard Ridge dishcloth pattern, using 'indigo' as the ridges and 'stonewash' as the short-row valleys.

I was looking around for a dishcloth intarsia project to hone my intarsia skills, when I came upon a intarsia 'Dr. Who' pattern of the Tardis. It was designed for exactly the same colors I had in the denim yarn. I got some more of them to be sure I'd have enough and I finished the Tardis pattern a week earlier (Oct 16th) and blogged right away.

If you are a "Dr. Who" fan, you'll think this is super cool. If not, you probably think I'm nuts for knitting a intarsia dishcloth pattern of a Police Box.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


If you know what a Tardis is, you'll be thrilled. If you have no idea what a Tardis is you'll be perplexed.

A Tardis is a time-travel machine in the shape of a Police Box, and it's bigger on the inside.

For more information, watch any episode of the British show Dr. Who.

I got the pattern on Ravelry (where else!) and it was knit with Sugar'n Cream dishcloth cotton in Denim colors (Indigo and Stonewash), which incidentally are the recommended colors in the pattern!

This dishcloth will NEVER be used to wash anything.

It was fairly hard to do, including colorwork on the purl side, which was a first for me. I got used to intarsia though when I knit my Stephen West mystery KAL. I actually came across this pattern while looking for intarsia/colorwork dishcloth patterns.