Monday, April 23, 2007

I bet you think I haven't been knitting

Well you're wrong :) He he

I've been making the Monthly Dishcloth KAL patterns and only missed the April one.

I made mittens for Ása Sóley

I started them at the end of February, just before we moved from Concord, CA to Athens, OH. I used leftover yarn, the brown was a little thinner than the green so I used it doubled. The left mitten looks bigger - it isn't. I had kept them one inside of the other and it stretched the left one out a little.

I only finished them couple of weeks ago. Ása Sóley wasn't terribly interested in using them (until she saw how interested Kamilla (big sister) was in them) and I was focusing on other projects. We had a cold spell and they came in handy.

They are knit with two circular (3.5 mm) using a pattern from Lopi 25.

So what do you think I do with all the leftovers from the dishcloths?

Well, mitered squares of course.

I made all of these before we moved from Concord. So that's in February. Only one more and I have a towel for the kitchen.

Last week I finally soaked my dishcloths in water and vinegar to set the color. This yarn has very bright colors, but it bleeds like crazy. So I can finally use them.


Sigga Sif said...

Those miters look so nice in all those colors! Your kitchen is going to look so much better with handknit towels and dishcloths!

The tiny mittens are very cute too.

Rebecca said...

I really like that dishcloth on the upper left, it's so colourful and the stitch pattern is really pretty.

The mitered square towel is really nice too.

That vinegar trick is nice to know, it makes sense, but I never heard of it before.