Saturday, May 31, 2008

A little accident

I don't know how it happened, but one of my projects got in the washer and felted! It was on the needles and everything! It was the tshirt I was making out of eingirni (Icelandic laceweight yarn). Yeah, it's sad. I was at the point where you separate for the sleeves. The fabric is surprisingly soft after felting and probably 'ge├░veikt' warm.

Here is a preview of the crochet bag I'm working on. I love the colors. I can't wait to get more of this yarn. I have to make 16 squares. That is not going to be a problem since they are quite addicting to make, and none of them looks the same. Only thing is that I'm using a tiny little hook (3.5 mm) so it is a little hard, but I wanted a tight fabric so I think it's worth it (to use such a small hook). Normally they recommend 5 mm hook.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Crochet crazy

I'm crazy for crocheting at the moment. There are at least 3 projects I want to do all at once, two of which I've started. I think a part of the reason for this craze is that all the things I have on the knitting needles are complicated. Not difficult, just complicated enough so I have to look at a pattern every once in a while (or figure something out if I'm not using a pattern).

What I've been working on all weekend (and it's a long one) is a impulse buy I made in Joann's on Saturday. I've been looking for 7 and 7.5 mm crochet hooks (which apparently don't exist here) when I saw this hugh ball of crap yarn in nice enough colors. With that and 10 mm hook I'm making a blanket, or a throw, or an afghan (there are too many words for teppi in English). I'm making the ripple blanket. I remember this pattern from my childhood and now it's become popular again. I can see why. It is very addicting. The colorway I have doesn't show of the pattern very well but it looks nice enough regardless. I will have to make this pattern again in nicer solid color yarn. I love making blankets, but I don't have the budget to make them in gorgeous yarn yet.

I'm also finally starting a crochet bag (link to a pdf file), which seems to come out quite nicely in the new Sugar'n'cream stripes yarn according to Ravelry projects. I'm using the green varigation. I'm using a 3.5 mm hook, which is borderline impossible. But it will make the fabric tighter and the bag better (this yarn is normally knit with 4.5 mm needles).

The third project is a bathmat. I finally got some yarn for it. I started one a while ago, when we moved here but ran out of yarn. I finally got some more yarn for it and I can't wait to start it. Maybe tomorrow. The pattern is from the book 'One Skein'.

I haven't been feeling like blogging lately. One reason is that I was sick a week ago. I was in bed for 3 days and didn't knit at all or do any other crafts. I've also just been busy with work and stuff and at night, when the kids go to sleep, I use the laptop to watch movies or TV shows through I was going to take some picture of the little I've been upto lately (mostly Hedera), but the card in the camera wanted to be re-formated. That was too depressing. I had some photos from yesterday when we build a patio with bricks (or 12"x12" stepping stones). We got a table too and now we can sit outside and chill :)