Thursday, October 27, 2005

Birthday gifts

I got a lot of gifts this time around. Some from my friends and relatives but most from my stitching friends at Allt í kross. We have a Birthday game, where 15 of us send each other gifts for our birthdays. I go a lot of stitching related gifts, including 3 Mill Hill kits. Those kits are so much fun, they have different beads and decorations and some of them are made with perforated paper, which I love. I've made one kit already - the Angel. Funny enough, all the three other kits I got were angel kits :o One, two, three. little kits ;)

For part of the money I got from my grandmother Laufey I bought Þríhyrnur og langsjöl. Then I will buy herb colored single ply icelandic yarn in Ullarselið, next time I'm in the neighbourhood (they are about 1 hour drive from here). The yarn is on the front page - isn't it beautiful? Can you believe these colors?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

30 years!

I'm thirty! My birthday was October 14th. It's wierd but I'm getting used to it. I mean it's not like I'm old?

Since it's been so long since my last blog I'll have to show you a picture.

This is Ása Sóley in her crochet Lopi jacket - pattern from I do have to put on the buttons though, so it's not all the way finished yet.

Then I have the whitework ornament:

Can you believe it? I ran out of floss just before I finished :( I wonder if you even see the missing part, that's how small it is. So if any of you reader have leftover white silk floss from Madeira, can you please, please send me some. Or I could just buy another one :o

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

New fabric

Yesterday I got my Silkweaver order. It got sent straight to my house - no toll or tax :) In Iceland it very exciting to order online. Some packages go through customs and you have to pay tax and toll, but others are sent straight to your house. Back to my order. I got fabric for Lizze Kate patterns I have. I really love these fabrics, they have so yummie names - cafe mocha, light mocha. I love good coffee. I made a mistake though, one fabric was supposed to be 28 ct. but I ordered 32 ct. Hmm... This will make the picture 3x3 inch instead of 3.5x3.5 inch. I don't know if that should make any difference. Perhaps it will not fit as well into a standard 4x4 inch frame (if that's a standard size at all).

I also bought a stash pack - which is a collection of 5 predetermined fabric pieces. In my case Lugana, I got black, white, sparkles (white with gold thread) and light brown. I think I should have done what Rósa did. She ordered a grab bag, then you don't know what you get but you seem to get more for your money.

Crochet has had my attention lately. I did end up frogging the jacket and starting over with the smaller size. I'm doing the edges now, I made a mistake and I'll have to do it again. Thankfully it is very quickly done.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


I have a little dilemma. I wanted a quick, easy project and chose this pattern from the online magazine I'm making it with Lopi, which has the same gauge as the recommended yarn. The problem is that it is designed with crochet hook K with is 6.5 mm and that yields to 10 hdc (hálfstuðlar) per 4" (10 cm). It is not possible to get 6.5 mm crochet hooks in Iceland (please correct me if I'm wrong) and a 6 mm hook gave 12 hdc and a 7 mm hook gave 8 hdc. I continued with the 7 mm hook although the sweater will be too large for Ása Sóley, maybe it will fit Kamilla instead. My other alternative was to frog (rekja upp) and start with the smaller size with 7 mm. That might give results close to the original bigger size I intended to do.

So I guess I solved my dilemma of whether to frog or not already!

I really like the color of the Lopi I chose. It really is a quick project. Perhaps I'll make two! I really like the texture that the hdc stitch creates. I normally don't like the texture of crochet cloths, especially children cloths, but I really like this one. Picture soon. I will be getting a new computer soon, which should help solve my photo sharing problem :o