Saturday, April 21, 2007


I'm still knitting the plötulopi. I only knit it in one strand, but usually it's knit in 2-3 strands held together. This yarn is very much alive. It's unspun, so there is nothing holding it back. It has surprised me that it hasn't been breaking as much as I thought it would. Those sturdy Icelandic fibers are really doing a good job holding the thread together. I want to take a picture of the WIP and the lopi. I'm not up to much these days. I have an earache and at first it lead to my teeth and I thought I had a bad tooth. The pain was throbbing. Now it's mostly in the ear itself, which is a relieve. I can't bend down or lay on my right side, but this is so much more manageable. I don't use pain killers that often and when I do I only do one at a time but on Thursday I took 2 ibuprofen every 2 hours, that's how much it hurt.


Fríða said...

Sonja mín! eina leiðin til að sigrast á eyrnabólgu er pensillín, það þýðir ekki fyrir þig að reyna að láta þetta læknast af sjálfu sér.

Sonja said...

Maður verður nú að bíða þar til læknastofan opni. Ég athugaði samt ekki hvort það væri opið um helgar. Ég fattaði ekki að um eyrnabólgu væri að ræða fyrren á föstdagskvöldinu.

Vægar eyrnabólgur læknast reyndar af sjálfu sér. En ég held að þessi hafi verið að malla í svolítinn tíma án þess að ég hafi áttað mig á því.

Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

Ái. :( Next time if you have to wait you could try taking echinacea, sometimes it helps and sometimes it doesn't, but it's better than nothing. Hope you are feeling much better today.
(I type too fast and not very accurately when I haven't had my coffee).