Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Finally a photo

I brought the sweater to work today. Both to show of and because there is knitting tonight at the library (as every Wed.). I used the opportunity to take a picture of the sweater. A co-worker of mine volunteered (I had a hard time getting it back, ha ha).

Here it is!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Getting close

Now Clint's jacket is blocked and all that is left is to put the buttons in. I'll do that tonight. Too bad I still can't find the camera. :(

Instead of starting a new, big project I worked on little projects this weekend. I also worked on Kamilla's sweater I started last spring. I'm having some problems with it. I don't want to go into it in details right now but it is occurring to me now, as I'm writing it, that it might have worked if I had knit it from top-down, instead of bottom-up. Hmm.....

So what did I do this weekend. I crochet a washcloth, which looks great I think. I used this stitch found on Ch44, follow the pattern for 20 rows and then fill in the waves at the top. Again, too bad I can't find my camera. It was a quick project too.

I did more crocheting. Crochet is quick and divers (many different stitches). I made a grocery bag dispenser. I made it out of leftover kitchen cotton and it's in 3 different colors. I think it's fugly but my husband likes it. I like its functionality and I want to make one for the bathroom as well. Bathroom! Yes. The American grocery bags are thin and flimsy and perfect for cat poop, so I have a lot of them in the bathroom, where the litter box is.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The epic husbands jacket

Last night was big. I did the binding off on the second sleeve of Clint´s sweater (or jacket or cardigan, whatever you´d call it). Thereby finishing the knitting on it. Due to the ingenious construction of the pattern, there is no sewing whatsoever. Not even for under the armpits or anything. The sweater is knit from top-down, finishing the body first and then the sleeve is knit from live stitches at the shoulder plus the underarm stitches are picked up as well. Except for one error, the pattern was a pleasure to knit. The error involved some confusion with rows, the written pattern didn´t keep up with the knitted pattern at one point, but I made a spreadsheet that solved that problem. Even though it is knitted in the round, the pattern involves a lot of k2,p4 repeats and it gave me a good chance to practice Finnish purling, which is much quicker than the Norwegian/Icelandic purling I´ve been doing until now. It involves holding the yarn in front of your knitting while you purl instead of behind like you normally do (or at least normally if you learned to knit in Iceland).

I have already begun hiding the ends, from when I changed skeins and such. When that is done, I´ll have to block it and put on buttons. That´s it! If we find good buttons this weekend, it´ll be ready then. Not a moment too soon, because it´s already getting cold, especially at night. Now Clint can don the jacket instead of raising the heat super high. I anticipate that the sweater will save us $$$ in the long run.

I´m really excited about it. I still can´t find my camera, not that I´ve looked much for it, so no photos at the moment. But perhaps more importantly, now I will start something for me. ;)

Sunday, November 09, 2008

I can knit again

Work's been busy lately. Too busy for me to knit even. I've hardly seen my daughters for the last couple of weeks but now it's quiet(er) again. I picked up Clint's sweater (it's actually a cardigan, but I'm still not used to having more than one word for peysa). When I left off, I'd noticed I had lost track on the sleeve part. Now that I can concentrate on it again I realized that I only went about 4-6 rows over where I should have stopped. I finished the first sleeve this weekend and started the next. I can't believe this project is almost over! I think I´ll have 5 balls of yarn left over. At least that's better than having too little. Plus the color is good for dyeing.

The socks I mentioned earlier were frogged, rip-it, rip-it. And I've almost finished reknitting one again. It goes really fast since they are so small.

No photos. I haven´t seen the camera since I got back from Vegas. I really have to get a new one anyways. But maybe now I can start looking for it properly.