Tuesday, June 21, 2005

For believers

So did you believe? Below is a pre-view of the angel, all of the x-stitching done and 'only' beading left.

But this isn't the big news - I got a package yesterday evening. That's the big news. I never get packaged (except for the results of occational internet shopping). So far Kamilla's been getting all the packages.

So what was in the package - see for yourselves: (You can click on the picture for bigger picture.)

Homemade socks from Cassie, who believes (quite rightly) that the mom should be reciever of gifts after childbirth. I can't thank of a better gift to give a new mom because I need good socks so my feet wouln't get cold, which could result in engourgement (I think it is called - stálmi in Icelandic). These are the first handknit socks I have been given and I love them. I can't believe someone made the time and effort to make these. They have a very small gauge (probably 2 mm needles?) and the pattern is beautiful. I've seen Cassie's feather and fan socks on her blog (e.g. here) and loved them. I have always planned to ask her where I can get the pattern (so I'm doing it now - Where can I find the pattern?).

One more thing, did I mention how much I appreciate these socks already? :) And they fit like a glove (well, actually like a sock!).

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Do you believe in angels?

The picture is asking you to believe that an angel will appear below. I was going to fix the picture but the program kept teasing me, shutting down or freezing.

I wove in all the ends of the overalls but when I was going to do the finishing (around the edges) I couldn't find the pattern book anywhere :( I ended up going to the LYS (local yarn store = Storkurinn) and they photocopied the page I needed and gave me an advice (the pattern didn't make complete sense). But when I came home, very excited to start I discovered I needed a 2 mm needle and I only have 2 mm dpn (sokkaprjóna) and not bigger round needles needed to go around the edges :( Since I don't just run out to the store these days I still have to wait.

Don't worry I'm never idle. I've been working on the angel and started a hat for Ása Sóley knitted with Kambgarn. Finally I found something I could use Kambgarn for :) I stocked up on materials for it before Ása Sóley was born. Thankfully. It's a quick and easy project but as soon as it comes to finishing I loose interest but I promise to finish soon :o

Thursday, June 09, 2005

News of the baby

The baby's name is Ása Sóley (Á is pronounced like ow in how, Sóley is prononced like the french word soleil). More news on my two girl's on Kamilla's blog (http://sonja.richter.org/kamillublogg).

I haven't been doing a lot of knitting or stitching. I'm doing the finishing work on the overalls right now - baby steps ;)

Saturday, June 04, 2005

It's a girl!

I had a little girl on Thursday (June 2nd). The birth was amazing. It was a homebirth, took 4 hours and I ended up having her in water. We haven't named her yet, but we are working on it. She was 3700 gr and 51 cm. Kamilla doesn't seem to mind her and helps out sometimes but mostly she's just herself.