Sunday, April 01, 2007

April's first post

On Friday there was Final Friday in Nelsonville, just north of us. It was great. The weather was great and the galleries where great. The people were nice and there was a knitting store! Yeah. Now I know where there is a knitting store around here. Apparently the only one in SE Ohio. AND they also have stitching supplies - double yeah. They carry a lot of Plymouth, which I'm not very familiar with but it seems to be nice. They also had Manos de Uruguay and Dale Babyull (yes!) and this and that. A lady was demonstrating chair weaving. Very nice. The fibre comes from a special plant growing in Malaysia.

I finished the March segment on Maryse's SAL:

I finished it yesterday, on the last day of the month. Just in time.

I was also tired of only stitching (this and the SecretSAL take up all of my craft time), so I started this:

Any ideas what it is supposed to be? I started this few times before but never got the hang of it. Now I used a stitch marker and that did the trick. Funny how a simple little thing like that can make so much difference. It's also quite a popular free online pattern.

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