Saturday, May 05, 2007

Yummie wool

I had two SAL (stitch-a-long) going, but for all of April I didn't even touch them. We had visitors and then I was sick. The visitors also brought yummie wool and it's pretty hard to resist knitting with it. I made the EZ baby sweater with part of it and now I started a rectangle shawl (langsjal) from Victorian Lace Today with steel grey kambgarn (Icelandic sport weight wool). Soft and beautiful. It's a dream to knit with. The center pattern (diamond pattern) ONLY has 36 repeats (of 10 lines). Although 36 sounds like a low number, now that I've knit 1/4 of it (and how many repeats are that? he he) I realize it really IS a large rectangle. The name of the pattern is 'Large Rectangle with diamond center pattern' (p.20) go figure.

It knits up like a dream though and is intoxicating. Having 36 repeats helps too, because it sets up more landmarks on the way. First passing 1/9th the way was nice (4 repeats), then 1/6th (6 repeats) and now 1/4th (9 repeats). Next landmark is 12 repeats (1/3rd).

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Rebecca said...

Can't wait to see pictures! I was looking at that book in a bookshop the other day and it looks really fun.