Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Sock knitting

I have sock yarn!

I went to Fashion Knit on Monday and got it for the rest of my birthday money (my birthday was in October, I'm not a good shopper). It took me a long time to decide on which yarn to get. I really just wanted a solid color but they didn't have any but koigu (which is pretty good though) but the colors were not exactly what I wanted. They were too bright. I ended up getting koigu kpppm anyways but a varigated blue color, it's beautiful.

I had chosen to do a pattern from spring 2006 issue of Interweave Knits. The pattern is called Simply Lovely Lace Socks. It's not very complicated although it looks like it. It took some time getting used to knitting in the back of the hoop and it slows you down. The socks have been quick to knit because of the lace repeat, which is very motivating. You just have to reach the next lace row (1 out of 4) and then next, and next.

Now I'm down to the heel. This is the first time I'll be turning a heel. So-far I've only knit short-row heels. The beginning doesn't match up. I am supposed to knit the first stitch onto the last needle (from needle 1 onto needle 4) but still have all the 24 stitches left (out of 48). But since I already knit that one I only have 23 stitches. I am really enjoying knitting this and I hate to stop but I am not sure how to go on. Any suggestions?

Oh, yeah one more thing. The owner of the store (Jeanine Johnson) offered me a job there! I would have said yes without thinking but she was looking for a permanent employee and I can't commit to that. I will eventually have a professional job and then I can't work another job, even if it is just 1 day a week. Sure was tempting though!


Rebecca said...

This is so very very weird. Here is the heel part from my favourite sock pattern. It uses 3, not 4 needles:
"Now divide sts from 3 needles onto 2 needles, to do this end having just worked across needle 2 (instep) then slip stitches from needle 1 and 3 together onto 1 needle (the heel needle). Now you have the same number on both. Then start heel flap: (slip 1 as if to purl, knit 1) across row.

Does that help?

Janet said...

You are doing the sock pattern correctly. Just keep following the pattern. The stitch count gets corrected later in the toe area.
I just finished those tonight and will post a picture tomorrow. I have an almost picture up from today.

janet said...

p.s. You shouldn't have 24 left, it should be 23 so you're ok!

Sigga Sif said...

Yay! Socks! The blue colorway is really looking good. And a job in a yarn shop, now that one does need some thinking ;-)

Aprilynne said...

That's a great colorway. I'm in the Lovely Lace kal, too, I just haven't started it yet. Can't wait to see an updated pic =)