Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's day!

Mother's day is a much bigger event in USA than it is in Iceland. In Iceland you might give your mother flowers, pay her a visit and generally be nice to her. Here the ads for jewelry, electronics and just about any commercial item are overwhelming.

I must admit I like this extra attention. My sister-in-law got me a mother's day gift and Clint is extra nice this morning, making me breakfast (which he actually does often on Sundays), bringing it to bed and tonight he is going to cook a very good dinner (I have no idea what it is). He and Kamilla got me a nice card and Kamilla decorated it. It's really nice.

I've been thinking about the boyfriend curse lately. The boyfriend curse states that if you knit your boyfriend a sweater you will break up. I suppose what happens is that the boyfriend doesn't appreciate the work and effort you put into it, which probably means that he doesn't appreciate you. I would call it the boyfriend blessing, since it helps you to see the relationship more clearly.

Thankfully, I had never heard about the boyfriend curse when I made my boyfriend (now husband) a sweater, and frankly I was very surprised to hear about it. We lived in two different countries and communicated by correspondance. I made him a sweater, an icelandic Lopi sweater. I had made one for me and then I made one for him. When I sent it out I realised I just sent a very warm sweater to someone who lived in California! But Clint, bless his soul, wore it nonetheless. He tells me that when he got it he thought 'yep, this is the woman I am going to marry'. It helped that he lived in San Francisco at the time, which is not as warm as many other parts of California (incl. Concord). He loves it when I make him something or when I make something for the girls. He's proud to have a wife that's domestic and can make things for the home. I am sure things would have turned out differentely if he didn't appreciate what I do.


Rebecca said...

That's a very interesting insight, I think you may be right. Maybe everyone should knit their boyfriends sweaters as sort of a litmus test before getting stuck in a bad situation. I can think of a few times in the past that might have helped.

It is really so great to have someone who appreciates what you do and who you are, isn't it?

Litla Skvís said...

Haha! I wonder if the sweater I just finished will tell me something I should know ;o)

Sigurlaug said...

Hmmm. I totally agree with you on the thing that if the "boyfriend" does not appreciate your work, and this kind of love confession (making something with ones own hands for the loved one), then he's not worth it. And yes, it would probably be a blessing...