Friday, May 19, 2006

Life takes over sometimes

Not much knitting being done lately. I've been sick, with a sinus cold and I went to the doctor today to get antibiotics. I probably have sinus infection. I haven't been terribly sick but there is a lot of pressure in my head, especially at night so I've been going to bed early. This has been going on since last week.

It didn't help either that I lost one of my needles. Thankfully it happened just as I had finished turning the second heel so I can continue with only 4 needles. It is slowing me down though. I got an advice from the Simply Lovely Lace knit-a-long to have the sole stitches on one needle and that helps (prior I had the instep needles (on top of the foot) on one needle and it was a bit crowdy.

Hopefully the antibiotics will work and I can do more knitting. I wouldn't mind being able to smell either!

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Rebecca said...

Awww. Hope you feel better soon.

I am always losing one of my sock needles. I swear that's why they come in 5's (or if you are really lucky sometimes 6's). Or I break one. Or a pet eats one.