Friday, May 05, 2006

Never in my life!

I went to the Social Security Office to get my daughters Social Security Number. I went on Monday but they told me I could come back in 2 days to get the actual numbers. I need them immediately (well within next couple of workdays) so I went there this morning. Of course I brought my SLLS (the socks) to knit while I waited.

The security officer asks you if you have any weapons, pepper sprays, etc. and searches your bag. Now I don't mind him going through my purse or asking me, not at all. When he saw my knitting needles he paused and said he wasn't sure about these. I told him they are allowed on airplanes but he said no, I had to leave them outside!!!!!!!!!


What's wrong with him. You have to wait there for at least one or two hours. I don't get it. It's not like it's against the rules to have knitting needles. It was a decision he took right there and then.

Well. I came and went and each time he asks if you have weapons on you, even if he already asked. Next time he asked I said, yes, I have keys, I can do just as much harm with them as with knitting needles.

I ended up not waiting for my turn. Mostly because I called home and found out that Ása Sóley got sicker. It was not too late to get the numbers on Monday so I decided just to go home. ÁS had been feeling a little bad but while I was away she developped a fever.

And you know what, the mail just came and the SSC was there for the girls. It took 10 days for me to get mine but only 5 days (Mon-Fri) for them to get theirs. So it was all just a waste of time.


Rebecca said...

That is so wrong of them to not let you bring your knitting. And so silly too, what could you possibly do with your knitting needles in the Social Security office? Threaten them with your knitting if they don't move you up in line? I hope Ása Sóley is feeling better, it's so hard when they are sick.

Aprilynne said...

That's stupid, the ONLY time knitters get violent is when you take the needles AWAY! Who doesn't know that?

Sigurlaug said...

Hehe, yes, I agree with, what April said, I would get very frustrated if I would have to wait hours in a place like the SC-office. How stupid can men be? Döhh! Especially when they're allowed on the planes. Doesn't make any sence.

Hafrún Ásta said...

Ótrúlegt nei hér er sko bannað að prjóna hehe. hefðirðu mátt sauma þar.... ?