Sunday, April 30, 2006

The secret is out!

A lot's been going on this week. I had a job interview on Friday so spent a lot of time around that. The company is in Berkeley, so I got to go there. It is a very nice city to visit. There is so much diversity there, punks, rich people, hippies, university students, used cloths/music, good resturants, etc.

I got to take BART (I heart BART) and worked on my secret knitting project. No one tried to guess what it was :( I feel as I have no friends, buh hu hu. He he, I'm not really depressed about it. I guess it was a hard one. I always intended to post progress photos and give people a chance to guess again but I just couldn't do it.

Here you go:

It's a hat. It is in the same style as the sweater I knit for Ása Sóley. The pattern is in Magknits as well. I realized I never said what it was called, 'Made With Love' (because of the hearts I guess). I knit the hat in a child size but it turned out toooooo big. It's even wide for me. It caught me completely by supprise because judging from the jacket /cardigan (what's the difference between those two?) I was right on track. It was very wide around her, which I expected since I knit the 2 year old size and the sleeves were too small (take care when you knit up that pattern to notice if you think the sleeves might be too small, chances are that they really are). The hat is too short for me though so I'll have to do something else with it. I'm not sure what but perhaps I'll reknit it with smaller needles.

The pattern is not perfect, not the way I understood it at least. The part I had problems with was the position of the hearts. If I followd the pattern then it was only supposed to have hearts on one side (or 2/3) of the hat. They weren't supposed to go all around! I thought that didn't really work out for me so I figured out how to spread them out evenly. It wasn't that hard. All I had to do was to add one stitch between each heart (in the pattern, not to increase) and decrease one stitch (knit 2 together).

Oh yeah, the hat is knit top down (as the cardigan) and it starts of with a icord, which in the end is tied up in a knot. It looked really funny to begin with, as you can see on the picture in last post.


Rebecca said...

I didn't guess because I had NO IDEA what it could possibly be! :) It's cute though, even if it did come out too big.

Jacket/cardigan...jacket is more of a something that's intended to wear outside, cardigan is more like a sweater you wear inside with buttons or zippers or snaps. (Of course sometimes there is a difference, because then there are suit jackets I'm not sure exactly where the line is.)

Sonja said...

That's what I figured, that no one could figure it out. ;)

I somehow feel that children esp. infants don't wear cardigans but rather jackets! It seems like the word cardigan is too fancy for them somehow. I don't know.