Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Fun Day

I had a great day last Monday. I meet up with Sigga Sif, who was visiting her brother in Berkeley. I had been looking forward to her comming here because it gave me an oppertunity to visit yarn shops. We (being us and Ása Sóley) met at MacArthur Bart station and walked 10 blocks up Telegraph Avenue (Oakland part) to Article Pract. To our surprise it was closed! Appearently it is closed on Mondays. We looked through the window and saw all that tempting looking yarn.

Hvað gera bændur þá?

There were some options. We could just go downtown Berkeley, which is always nice, sit in a café and enjoy life. But I had another idea. To go to Alameda and try to find a yarn shop there. I knew there were couple of yarn shops and a needleworkshop but I didn't know exactly where. We got there quite easily. Since we were on Telegraph, we only needed to take a bus to downtown Oakland and there we took a bus to Alameda (which is basically an Island by the bay). The bus stops had maps so we could see were to go and on the map we saw marked the City Hall of Alameda, which was approximately where I remembered a yarn shop to be (I saw it on So we go there along with an Armanian American, which talked none-stop the whole time (only in America!).

The bus driver told us where to get out (the City Hall) and as we step out of the bus we see the yarn! shop across the street. What do you know, it's closed as well! So our yarn sprawl we've been looking forward to was a failure. We did have a good time talking. I got to speak Icelandic for a change and we got to talk badly about Icelander. We went to Long's drugs to get some water and to try to get more information about other yarn shops around there. That's one of the best things about Americans, it is so easy to talk to them. People are really open for discussion. The sales lady at Long's told us that Beverly's was at a mall not far from there. We had to walk down one street. Beverly's is not a place to get nice, fancy yarn but at least Sigga Sif could get some American size sock needles. It was a nice walk down there. We even stopped at Peet's (which incidentaly was across the street from a Starbucks) for coffee (the best coffee you can get here).

On the way back (in the bus) we tried to see the needleworks store. The bus drove up the street it was on but we didn't see it. It was probably closed as well.

Despite not being able to go into the stores, it was nice to see Sigga Sif, to see where the stores were and to see Alameda, which is a very nice town. I also had problems with Bart in the beginning. The ticket machine took my money but didn't give me a ticket and only part of the change. It all worked out in the end though.

Takk fyrir daginn Sigga Sif :)

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