Monday, May 29, 2006

Cheese for a brain

You know how some cheese has holes in it? Well, so does my brain. First example, I went to Joann's on Sunday. They had a Memorial Weekend sale. I had a coupon for 40% of one item and got one item that cost $20 but it wasn't until I was home that I realized that I never used the coupon. That's $8 off! I went back today and got the discount. I had to go two times since the first time I went out I forgot the receipt. Well as I got the refund the clerk point out a 10% off the entire purchase coupon that I hadn't even noticed at all. I ended up using that for some scrapbooking stuff (they had albums 50% off, I couldn't resist). I guess I'll have to do some scrapbooking. One album I got (of 3) I plan to use for a craft journal. I've tried once before to do a craft journal but I didn't get a journal that I liked and the one that was closest to what I had in mind was too cheap and didn't last long.

Ok, now I'm getting side tracked.

Second example is the pink scarf I made for Kamilla in February. I never got around to taking a picture. I finally did the other day. The picture shows Ása Sóley modelling the scarf. It is made with some sort of funny fur called Funny Pelsgarn and SISU. I knit it with 4mm needles which proved to be a too small needle size. The scarf is a little too thick. But Kamilla likes it, theoretically since she never wears it.

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Rebecca said...

Oh, Ása Soley looks so adorable modeling the scarf! I went to Joann's this weekend too but I didn't have a coupon. Anyway everything I got was cheap so it probably doesn't much matter.