Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sorry about not bloging

Things been busy around here. Clint's been working a lot and I've been alone with the girls more or less. Then Ása Sóley got a cold and had troubles sleeping at nights which didn't help either. Hardly any stitching or knitting has been done. One exception, I had a get-together last Wednesday. Lot of women comming over to stitch. I can't do two things at once (stitch and talk/listen) so I started a simple knitting piece. Turnes out I couldn't even do that. I don't understand how the other women can stitch and talk at the same time. They are incredible.

Well, the knitting piece was a flower shaped washcloth from Weekend knitting (book) out of 100% cotton chenille. Very soft and very big (10.5 inches wide). It's a piece you could do in one evening but it took me about 3 days, knitting at every moment I got!

I can't show you a picture of it. One of the reason I have been off the internet is because my computer was in the shop. When I got it back it was all messed up. One of the things was that the USB ports didn't work. So no photo downloading :( I took it back and hopefully they can fix it (again).

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anneke said...

Hi Sonja, I'm glad I can read your blog. I discovered Rosa's blog earlier, but I can't read one word. I can look and that's great, but it's nicer to also read the blog.
I love the foreign blogs about stitching. Stitching is 'not done' here, so it's great to know there are more stitchers in this world.