Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My computer is still messed up. It's just getting worse :( The worst part is that I have specialized programs there that I use for my dissertation. Also I am having problems with photo uploading - management.

I haven't been active in the evenings lately. Kids been sick, which means little sleep for me so I'm in bed early. This weekend I managed to do a lot in the french village and am about 20% done. That's about 3300 stitches! This picture is very fun to stitch. I can't really explain why but it has to do with the lack of details since the design is work from a watercolor painting. It is also impressionistic and I really like the impressionist style. I have seen some Monet adaptations that I would love to stitch someday. This one from the Golden Kite is tempting (but big 220 x 280 stitches) and I've seen a (much smaller) adaptaion of this painting in Cross Stitch Collection.

Last night, while watching a movie, I knitted a minature sweater. Well I didn't complete it but finished most of it. It is from the book Weekend knitting, same as the flower shaped washcloth I did last week. Actually the washcloth was the first design in the book and the minature sweaters the second. It seems that I am makeing the partterns in order!!! In the book it is presented as a unusual egg cozie but I intend on having it hang from my car's rearview mirror. I'm making it in Kambgarn with 3.5 mm needle.

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