Wednesday, August 10, 2005

UFO stitching

Yesterday I picked up a color I had lost for my French Village picture (DMC 747) and the needlecraft store (Nálin) also had silk threads. I've been wanting to try silk for a little while. I am going to use it for TW's Beginners Whitework ornament. I've been getting a new obsession in stitching - Band samplers. Band samplers are samplers that consist of bands (suprisingly), where the bands have different stitch types. I have one pattern of a band sampler, A little love sampler from M-designs. The band samplers often have different kind of threads as well, silks or metallics for instance. So I wanted to try silk on a whitework piece.

I am getting sidetracked a little. This post was supposed to be about the UFO Tuesday we had last night at my club. I got couple of hours of stitching time last night and worked on my piece. If you click on the picture you get a close-up. The design can be found here.

I am done with about half of a quarter - so 1/8th of the picture. Actually I have done more work than that because I started it over. The design was made with Anchor thread but I am using DMC and I wasn't happy about the color conversions.

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