Monday, August 15, 2005

Weekend over

I didn't finish as many projects this weekend as I had planned. Mainly because I hardly did anything yesterday.

But I did finish two more projects on Saturday. I framed my Lizzie Kate picture - Bless our home. (sorry about the bad quality, I'm on a temporary computer)

And I finished a hat I made for Ása Sóley. I never posted a picture of it here (or mentioned it) because I knit it when she was newly born and I wasn't using the internet so much. Then I put it away, not really hurried to finish it since it was for 3-6 month and it was middle of summer. It fit well now, a little too well if you ask me. Ása Sóley is so big, she is 2 standard deviations (staðalfrávik) bigger than her sistar was . I'm glad I finished it now so she'll get some use out of it. I even put little wooden pearls on it and I've never made this kind of cording before. The hat hasn't been pressed yet.

I made a list of my WIPs and UFOs here on the right. It is to motivate me to finish them. Underneath that list is another one of FO that need to be worked on. I planned to make the hardanger ornament but instead I watched SNL 25 anniversary with my husband. Everything is ready for it though. I even found my sewing kit yesterday so now there is no stopping me in that department. I also planned on making the pillow from the RR I participated in. But the fabric I planned to use was dirty!!! We've been using it to cover a sofa. Actually I had two big fabric covers and both of them had been used. Now it is all cleaned. And the Teddy bear (Galdrabangsi), I had it all ready to frame once but there was a stain in the fabric. I finally decided to wash the piece in the washing machine. I put stain remover on it and washed it in a protective bag. The stain is gone and the piece is ok! Sorry for no links I have to take care of Ása Sóley now.

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Rósa said...

Sæt húfa :-) Dóttir þín er virkilega myndarleg.

Sætur ramminn utan um Bless our home myndina, þetta kemur vel út :-)