Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Weekend of Big Finishes

I've decided that this weekend is going to be the weekend of finishes. I plan to finish as much as I can of my stitched and knitted objects today and tomorrow. My main problem in crafts is that I love the process but don't care to much about the end (and sometimes even the end-product). Last night I realised why that is. I simply don't know how to finish, how to do the final touches. The patterns and instructions don't say how it's done so I don't know how to do it. I need help. And help I am going to get. Guðbjörg, one of my stitching friends from Allt í kross is having a stitching weekend at her house this weekend. Open house from noon until midnight (or beyond) Saturday and Sunday.

I started already. Here is a picture of the Mill Hill angel kit, all stitched up and framed.

I did cheat a little bit and started the Beginner Whitework Ornament, stitched with white silk on colonial blue 28 ct. Lugana.

At first sight the silk didn't look so much different from the cotton threads I normally use (standard DMC). But as soon as I started working with it I noticed the difference. It is softer, fluffier and shinier. It definitely feels more luxurious and natural to stitch and it is more random, if you will. Has more life in it, more character. At any rate, it is a welcome change from the good old cotton ;)


Litla Skvís said...

Engillinn er æðislegur! Mig hefur lengi langað að prófa að sauma með silki. Er að hugsa um að panta mér eitthvað frá Just Nan til að prófa. Svo finnst mér verkin hennar svo falleg líka.
Sjáumst á eftir!

Rósa said...

Rosalega flottur engillinn hjá þér. Þetta fær mig til að langa að klára Mill Hill kittið mitt :-)