Monday, July 23, 2007

Knitty's summer surprise patterns

I want to make this. And I want to make it in the yarn it calls for. Normally I would just substitute it with cotton and call it a day, but I've been wanting to try just this yarn that is used for the pattern.

This weekend I've been knitting Clint's blanket. It knits up fast, but I've run out of yarn. I only by one skein at a time because 1) I don't know how many I need and I certainly don't want any leftover yarn and 2)since it's acrylic I don't have to worry about dye lots.

The blanket is half done by know (more than half done actually if you count the third strip). I've knit 2 of the strips into the blanket. It's hard to explain without photos. I pick up stitches along the strip and knit the area between them in garter stitch (the whole blanket is in garter stitch) and I attached the second strip to the blanket with 3-needle bind off. It worked out perfectly. I was afraid I would have too many or too few stitches left but it matched perfectly. The last stitch was used to fasten the edge of the strip. Now I know that I need one whole skein to knit between the strips (1x100 gr Lion Brand Homespun) so I can safely buy two more skeins. I have to knit the area between the second and the thrid strip and then then edging. You'll see how it will all come together when I'm done.

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