Sunday, July 15, 2007

Comfy shawl

I finished the shawl I started on Friday. It's huge! It fits across my sofa (two seater).

Comfy shawl

With Rebecca's comment to the (second to) last post I realized that both this quicky shawl and my nice fancy lace shawls are both inspired by Sigga Sif. Thanks :)

This shawl is featured on the photo for her Panneband pattern in Garnstudio.

The lace shawl was inspired by her Artic Diamond Stole.

Shawl all around

I know this photo above it crappy. I could look a little happier and fix the position of the shawl but I decided it's was getting too late to be a perfectionist :รพ

Comfy shaw / wrap

You can read all about the project by clicking one of the photos and going to the flickr page. There are two things I love about this pattern. First, that it is knit on 15 mm (US 19) needles so it's fast and it's knit side to side so in the beginning and in the end the knitting goes super fast. At it's longest point it's still only 50 sts. If you ever need instant gratification. This is it!


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Rebecca said...

I like how your shawl came out, I think it even looks nicer than the Garnstudio photo. Amazing that it was such a fast knit!

Sigga Sif said...

Very nice shawl! I can hardly believe how quickly you knit it! And I'm very flattered that I inspired you :-)