Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Computer down

My computer has been at the shop for the last two weeks. I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to take it in just when holidays are happening. I should have whated until the beginning of the school year (it's a University shop). All I needed was a new keyboard and I've needed one for the last half a year or so.

In the computer are audiobooks I want to listen to and pictures I want to share and financial information which would be helpful to have (just so I know for sure I'm not forgetting anything).

There were photos of my mom's socks. I lost them! The socks that is. How can you loose handknit socks ment as a gift for your mom who is traveling across the ocean to see you? Apparently it's easy. I found them, don't worry. It was the typical case of putting something in a good, save place and then loosing them.

Oh, yeah. I also got a sewing machine. It was a $15 garage sale find. Brother LS-1412 if I remember correctly. I'm not familiar with Brother sewing machines (or any other than Pfaff, Singer or Toyota to tell you the truth) but this one is designed just about exactly the same as my mom's 1970s Toyota sewing machine. Which means I know how to work it. If anything it's smoother. Still haven't sewn anyting. I need some stuff first, some bobbins, fabric and thread. I have a little bit (my mom brought some I had in Iceland) but I think it's time for a trip to Joann's. I think that's the only sewing store in 50 mile radius and the closest one is 30 min. away. Well, there's always Walmart too. There are quilting stores too. There's one in Nelsonville (15 min north) and one in Pomeroy (? perhaps 20 min south), but that's not the same.


Rebecca said...

I often lose things in a safe place. Lucky you found them before she came, sometimes I find them after the event.

Congratulations on the new sewing machine! I have heard Brother ones are good. JoAnn fabrics and a quilt shop is all that is close to me as well, I think that is a common trend here.

If you have not gotten the Hempathy yarn to try, www.yarn.com has it on sale, I just got an email today about it.

Erla Björk said...

Til hamingju með saumavélina. Ég keypti mér einmitt saumavél í sumar en er ekkert farin að nota hana að ráði.

sgeddes said...

Good find with the sewing machine. I hope to learn to use mine a little more.

thanks for stopping by my blog too and leaving the good project suggestions for scrap yarns. I hadn't thought about little felted embelishments beofre - good idea.

Sonja said...

No prob sgeddes. I 'owe' you for the great yarn pron you always post.

I'm planning to go to Joanns today to gear up for sewing. Need bobbins, thread and bunch of other important sewing stuff.

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