Saturday, July 07, 2007

Marcia Lewandowski

I've been making a great progress on Clint's blanket. It's knitting up a lot faster than I anticipated. To the left you can see a diagram of it's construction. It's quilt- and Mason-Dixon inspired. Cover the world in garter stitch and all that. The way I do it is a little complicated, but less complicated I planned earlier. I knitted three 'scarfs' of red and golden squares. Then I pick up the stitches along the edges (with a 60" needle - 6 mm). It's knit with Lion Brand Homespun.

I don't know if any of you recognize the name in the title of this blog. I'm sure Cassie Toomuchwool does. Marcia Lewandowski wrote the book Folk Mittens and Andean Folk Knits. So where does Marcia Lewandowski come into the picture? Ok, here's what happened.

Yesterday I met Stephanie from the Thursday night knitting club at lunch. We work on the same street. I pass her work on the way to work and right next to her work is the local fried chicken favorite in Athens County. While talking to her I remember that the library had a knitting club the first Saturday of the month. I had know about this but forgotten. So I show up. Bright and early at 9 AM. That's 9 AM Saturday morning. This club is not for the faint-of-heart, lol.

Turns out they had a guest speaker, i.e. Marcia. First we sat around and knitted and then we went into a conference room to listen to Marcia speak. She brought with her all the knitted items from her two books. That was so precious. Last month I rented Folk Mittens at the library and drooled over most of the mittens. The Andean knitted items were very interesting. She has lived in Bolivia and told us a lot of interesting things regarding knitting in S-America. Then after her talk she showed us previews from her next project. A lot of very interesting and very real looking minature hats. Something about a gnome project? I'm not sure exactly what it will be but it looked fantastic. This is one talented lady. She wanted to learn more about the Icelandic Yule lads for her up coming project (this one or another one, I'm not sure). So I'll probably meet up with her again. Being Icelandic sometimes has an advantage :) he he

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Rebecca said...

Oh, that's very interesting!

I went to a fibercraft group a few years ago and saw a talk from a guy who lived in the Andes with his family, studying their spinning and weaving, it was really interesting.