Wednesday, July 18, 2007

90° turn

I´m getting hooked on sewing again. What sparked the interest was the book Bend-the-Rules Sewing. By Amy Karol, the woman behind the Angry Chicken blog.

The flickr group of the finished items from the book helped.

I came across some really cool fabric shops, like:

Too bad I don´t have a sewing machine :( I did put a posting on Freecycle for Athens about a Sewing Machine and one person answered. She will be moving to Athens shortly and I can check out a sewing machine she has. She got it at a yard sale for the casing and she hasn´t tried it yet. If it works I've got myself a free sewing machine.

I hope to be able to do some bags, clothing (mostly for the girls), home decor (pillows). I´ll keep you posted.

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Rebecca said...

It's funny, I've been reading her blog lately too and I have flipped through that book at B&N and love it, I'll get it one of these days. I am working on a sewing project now actually. Good luck finding a sewing machine! If that one doesn't work out, maybe you can find one at a yard sale.