Monday, July 02, 2007

Random thoughts

  • Thursday evening knitting night has become a regular event in my life. Even when things are crazy at work. It's great to meet the knitting gals and they are all very nice, just as any other knitters. Only drawback is that we meet at a yarn store and then you feel quilty if you're knitting with yarn not purchased there! I love to support the local yarn shop and choose it over internet shopping regardless, but it's still a little awkward.

    Last Thursday I got discounted yarn there. Both from Dalegarn. One was a yarn I haven't seen before. It is heathered mohair blend. Hopefully the yarn will turn into mittens for the girls for next winter.

  • I've turned to preemie knitting at the moment since friends of mine had premature twins at 26 weeks and sadly only one of them lived. That one is doing great nonetheless. Hurray for him.

  • I tried the Turkish Cast-On method and love it. Love it, Love it, love it. I am however going to rip out what I made (beginning of a sock) and do it over. I wasn't happy about how the toe was turning out. But the cast-on was great. It's so simple and works great with 2 circs, although you can easily switch to dpns after couple of rows.

  • After I finished the shawl I had my head full of sweater ideas. They all had the yarn and the needle size in common (eingirni laceweight 1 ply on 6 mm needles). I did some swatching but I am unable to make up my mind and the idea is still evolving. Plus I have turned to preemie knitting at the moment.

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