Thursday, September 08, 2005

I did it!

I did it! I crochet (hekla) last night. I made the first 10 rounds of this doily. I had a light yellow thread (apparently it's not called a yarn but rather a thread - heklugarn) from when I meant to do filet chrochet (man ekki hvað heitir á íslensku). I tried but my tension was off. I also had a steel crochet needle. I actually had few of them which I got from my mom, who got them from her mom! The one I am using is 1.6 mm in diameter.

The pattern I chose is a pattern I bookmarked earlier in the day. I also bookmarked this doily - simple doily. It wasn't until I was quitting for the night that I realized that I could have made much smaller doily and be done much sooner!!! But actually I also liked the pattern I started because the beginning looks like a knitted doily and I think that's kinda cool :Þ

I really love doing this because each round is different from the previous round. I hate repetitions. When I was learning to read we had to read for our moms and the moms had to write their name and how often the child read the text on a paper. I never read the text more than once because I thought it was useless. So this disslike of repetition started early. So lace, whether it is knitted or crochet, hits home with me. Each round is different from the one before.

I took a photo but since my computer situation is not 100% yet I will have to show it later. I am really sorry because I love showing of my craft. Don't think for a second I am only doing this for myself!

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