Saturday, September 10, 2005

Going backwards

Guess what! I made a mistake on my doily. I had to go back several rows :( It wasn't until then that the count mattered. It meant one whole days work I had to redo!

This is not the only project that is goin backwards. My UFO project is also going backwards. The first UFO Tuesday I worked on it a lot and got much done. Next Tuesday I did little bit. Made a mistake, had to go back to correct it but then my friend dropped by (a little Icelandic characteristic - people just drop by unannounced!) and I didn't work on it more that evening. Next Tuesday I passed out sleeping at 9 PM so nothing got done then. Hopefully this Tuesday will be better.

Finally I want to send birth vibes to Linda so she doesn't have to have her little tenant evicted! She was due Sept. 30. Go Linda go. Go baby go.

UPDATE: Linda was due August 30th and don't pay attention to the first comment - looks like spam to me.


Anonymous said...

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Sonja said...

Thanks ;)

Litla Skvís said...

Takk Sonja mín.... ég reyni, og reyni og reyni svo ekkert og legg mig og tek því rólega og sauma og blaaaah... en ekkert gengur. Er samt með verki, það er eins og það vanti eitthvað "kick-start" í mig eða eitthvað :-/

Líður eitthvað hálf misheppnaðri yfir þessu...

Sonja said...

Jæja Linda, við skulum vona að það þurfi ekki lögfræðinga til að bera út litla leigjandann. Eða kannski frekar lækni til að reka snúlluna út.