Wednesday, September 07, 2005

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When it comes to interest in crafts I'm very impressionable (is that how you say it?). I follow the people around me regarding which craft I do and my taste can even be changed by the people around me. When my online craft life started (July 2003, when I joined my first online craft group (Handavinnugleði). I was inspired by the fine women of that group to be a cross stitcher. I had done a little bit of stitching before but under their influence I got all of the DMC colors on ebay. It so happens that the yarn in USA is only 1/5 the price it is here. Now the doller is weaker so it is even cheaper now.

I got the yarn in April 2004, when we took Kamilla to see her family in California.
From that point I only did cross stitch until November 2004, when I knit some christmas presents. After that I started to read knitting blogs and only knitted for a while. Then, somehow I started cross stitching again.

When I read cross stitch blogs and hang out with my cross stitch crazy friends (which now have move to the group Allt í kross) I am crazy about XS (cross stitch). This is the situation lately. I haven't read knitting blogs in a while. Today, however, I've been reading crochet blogs and at the moment I am dying to pick up a crochet needle. I have a granny square blanket UFO that I could do and I have long since wanted to knit or crochet a doily (dúlla).

Regarding changes in my taste then the first time I saw Mirabilia or Lavender and Lace pictures I didn't really care for them. Now I love Mirabilia and I like LandL as well (when other people do them). At first I also didn't care much for Lizzie Kate designs but got influenced by people at my online group and now I love them :) Not all of them. I still don't like designs with the alphabet in them or a lot of writing.

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