Sunday, July 03, 2005

Little by little

Not much knitting or stitching here. It depends on Ása Sóley really. Some evenings she just eats and sleeps and I can work on my projects but other evenings she is awake and gassy and needs my full attention.

This situation hasn't stopped me from ordering stuff from the internet. The 'excuse' (not that I need excuses) is the birthday game at my x-stitching club, Allt í kross. The women participating in this game send each other birthday presents. They don't have to be cross stitch items but most are. So I ordered few things from Sewandso and Ebay. Of course I ordered stuff for me too. I decided to get this gadget. It's a seat frame. I put it underneath my leg as I stitch and can stitch 'handsfree' (meaning that I don't need to hold the frame with my hands). This purchase has inspired me to stitch on my Crescent dreams. I don't have much actual stitches to do and then there is the beading. However, I usually don't have much time to stitch it so it will take a little time still. It is a project that takes some time to start. I have to put the fabric in the hoop and get my supplies out. The fabric can't stay in the hoop because it will leave marks on it and the supplies have to be put away everytime so they won't get in the hands of a certain 2 year old that hangs around here :o

The Mill Hill kit is much smaller and easier to pick up. It doesn't require hoop since it is done in paper and I can pick it up just for few beads at a time (the actual cross stitching is done). I did run into a problem with it. It is short 4 beads in one color. I want to finish the other colors first to see if there is a shortage of another color and then send Mill Hill an email. Another woman in my club had the same problem with a Mill Hill kit her daughter was making.

Then there is the knitting. I've been in stitching mood lately but the baby's overalls have begun to haunt me. I want to finish them before she grow out of them! So I picked it up last night. We went to my mom's house and Ása Sóley slept most of hte time there (she'd been away most of the day!). I found, however, that I didn't bring the pattern. I picked up the stitches and knitted a few rounds anyways. When I came home I realized I'd made a mistake. The finishing was supposed to be in stockinette stitch (slétt prjón) but I made k1 p1 (stroff)!!! At least I've begun. I thought I needed different needles for this but realized finally that I can use the dpn (sokkaprjónar) I have.

I have another knitting project, a hat for Ása Sóley. It knit up nice and quickly but the finishing is getting to me. Not that it is hard :o

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