Sunday, July 24, 2005

Progress, at last!

I got free time last night! It's a miracle! I used the time wisely - I finished the cross stitches on the Crescent Dreams picture. There was only about one evenings worth of stitching left (about 3 hours). I even started the backstitch, which isn't much.

Ása Sóley slept from 9 PM all through the night yesterday until 6 AM (with a snack at 10). She was a little under the weather just like her sister Kamilla, who had a sore throat, and has been sleeping a lot today.

So now there is nothing stopping me from doing the Hardanger SAL with Rósa.

1 comment:

Rósa said...

Frábært! :-)

Láttu mig bara vita hvenær þú vilt byrja :-D