Tuesday, June 21, 2005

For believers

So did you believe? Below is a pre-view of the angel, all of the x-stitching done and 'only' beading left.

But this isn't the big news - I got a package yesterday evening. That's the big news. I never get packaged (except for the results of occational internet shopping). So far Kamilla's been getting all the packages.

So what was in the package - see for yourselves: (You can click on the picture for bigger picture.)

Homemade socks from Cassie, who believes (quite rightly) that the mom should be reciever of gifts after childbirth. I can't thank of a better gift to give a new mom because I need good socks so my feet wouln't get cold, which could result in engourgement (I think it is called - stálmi in Icelandic). These are the first handknit socks I have been given and I love them. I can't believe someone made the time and effort to make these. They have a very small gauge (probably 2 mm needles?) and the pattern is beautiful. I've seen Cassie's feather and fan socks on her blog (e.g. here) and loved them. I have always planned to ask her where I can get the pattern (so I'm doing it now - Where can I find the pattern?).

One more thing, did I mention how much I appreciate these socks already? :) And they fit like a glove (well, actually like a sock!).


Cassie said...

Ok, so now you know my secret - I like surprising people with things. A lot.

I used 2.5mm needles for them, and the yarn is Koigu, my favorite for the Feather and Fan socks. The pattern is from Socks Socks Socks, although its a fairly simple lace pattern plugged into a 64 stitch sock.

The best part is that you like them. Wear them in good health!

Litla Skvís said...

Amazing socks!!!!!! I want a pair! LOL!

And I did belive, and look and behold, an angel apeared!

Sonja said...

They have that book (sock x3) at the library, I'll have to check if it is in the next time I'm there. Doubt if I will make one (maybe later) but I'm curious to know how it's made.

Hafrún Ásta said...

Oh they are awsome in that color & I think they would be great in red. Sonja if you find the recipy do share. Though ... I hvae never knitted socks don't like the heal instructions that is I think I'll blow it lol. I know stupid but I love the sock they are awsome.

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