Thursday, March 31, 2005

I quit working at my work today. Then the plan is to finish my dissertation and have a baby (hopefully in that order). I've been working on other projects last couple of months but due to my sick leave I was not able to finish them 100%. So I will be working a little longer but from home rather than the office. It should not take long as I am anxious to work on my thesis.

This week has been hectic, day and evening. Long hours and a lot of stress. No knitting but a little cross stitch has help me keep my sanity. I figured the craft I do in the evening calms my mind and helps me unwind. It is not enough all by itself. I also need exercise to combat the stress but have not been getting enough exercise lately (since Kamilla was born actually).

I am participating in a small secret stitch-a-long (leynisal) in my xstitch club. It works such that the participants get only a part of the pattern every week. This one is actually small enough so we get two parts per week. It is perfect for me now. Something to grab but no too time consuming. I have no idea how it will look like but now that we have 7 parts out of 10 already I have a good picture of how the end product will be.

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