Monday, March 21, 2005

Long time, no blog

Sorry for no posting lately. I had a little accident last week and have had limited ability to write on the computer. The accident wasn't serious at all but I did hurt my hip and am having problems with certain things, such as sitting up and carrying things. It has kept me from holding Kamilla and working on the computer. Now I've figured out a way to use a computer. I can sit in a reclining stair with a foot-rest and a pillow in my back. I've tryed this position out with knitting all weekend :o

Before the accident I had finished my Lizzie Kate. I also started the cresent dreams - Mirabilia picture. However, I found that the cross stitching was to hard on me (the position I sat in) and turned to knitting.

I knitted another pair of slippers, child size this time and a slightly different pattern. I'm not going to post a picture of them yet since I intend for them to be a present.

On Saturday I went out to buy yarn. I bought Dale garn for a baby outfit, not the one I talked about earlier but a sleeveless body suit from a Dale catalogue (nr. 152) (samfella). But then I went to the Handknitting store (Handprjónasambandið) and got some lace weight Icelandic yarn (eingirni). I've been wanting to knit a shawl in eingirni for a long time. I got a book from the library with old Icelandic lace shawls (Þríhyrnur og langsjöl) and chose one that was small and the main body not too difficult. The edges are lacy and more difficult (read: more fun to knit ;). I didn't want to go over my head and choose too difficult project but I wanted to do some more complicated knitting none the less. The shawl is on page 42 and is called Litla hyrna Huldu (Hulda's little shawl).

The shawl was more tempting and I've been knitting that. I got 3 shades of red but the main body of the shawl is white. I've been having fun knitting it so far.


Cassie said...

You're doing the 'Litla Hyrna Huldu" shawl in reds? Wow, that's going to be amazing. You reminded me that its on my list of things I'd like to do. And of course, now that I've got the book out....

I'm glad that you found a way to get on the computer, and something that you can do comfortably with your hands. I hope you heal up quickly from your injury! Feel better.

perclexed said...

I randomly surfed in from a google search on that book, and I'm having a nostalgic moment. I used to cross stitch like a fiend, and really miss the Mirabilia's. I believe I even have "The Dreamer" lurking about my apartment somewhere.

I hope you're feeling better soon! I would dearly like to get my hands on that book, and continue to search the web, used bookstores and various libraries that do interlibrary loan. Maybe someday.... ;)

Sonja said...

Which book do you mean? The Þríhyrnur og langsjöl one? I think you can get a translation here:

CrazyFiberLady said...

You can get the translation book from Schoolhouse, but unfortunately you need the original book for the charts. They aren't in the translation. Took years for me to get ahold of both the original ('99) and the translation ('04).

I look forward to seeing your shawl. It should look gorgeous in reds.