Monday, April 04, 2005


I got a change to work on the shawl again yesterday. I discovered that it is not possible to work on it while watching TV ;) I finished the knitting part of the shawl (the whole row (back and forth)). There was a small error that I had to correct so that held me back a little bit. I had to be able to concentrate to go back, find it and go forward again.

I didn't understand the direction for the crochet finish but I figured it out. It helped that my shawl is displayed when it is being stretched so I could see the details very well. I was at the library today and found the shawl (Litla hyrna Huldu) in a magazine from Heimilisiðnaðarfélagið (Hugur og hönd). It is slightly different there, knitted from the top down and in garter stitch (garðprjón).

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