Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday on my mind

Arg, I pressed the wrong button earlier and deleted my message. So here is the shorter version.

Clint's slippers were done for his birthday but one of the heal was inverted during felting and didn't felt as much as the rest. To be fixed and photos after the fact!
(this text was about 5x longer in the lost post)

My next goal is to go on with the neglected Norwegian mittens and then do a baby outfit for the new baby. I found a pattern at my friend HafrĂșn's (see picture, click on it for bigger picture). Her son has an oufit after this pattern and it is beautiful and not too complicated to make ;)

Cross stitch wise I am little by little finishing the August SAL but mostly stitching the Lizzie Kate picture. It goes slowly because I'm working slowly and fixing every cross that is not to my liking. I'm not used to stitch like this, maybe this is some maternal hormone thing sneaking up on me :o My Silkweaver fabric came but is at the customs. I'll get it after the weekend.


Sonja said...

Sorry the picture is not very clear. It's the one on left, hat, sweater, pants and booties, made with Mandarin petite (100% egypt cotton) or SISU (wool/nylon). I will do it with Mandarin petite.

Cassie said...

All the different outfit pieces are very cute. I'd like to know how you like working with the Mandarin Petit - I've got a glove pattern that calls for it but I wasn't sure about the cotton. It does seem like very soft, fine cotton, though.