Monday, October 01, 2007

Saturdays for sewing

I decided last week that Saturdays were for sewing. That was established in the week before by sewing up of the kitchen towel. This Saturday was a little different. I went to Columbus with couple of knitting friends of mine. The main reason for our 3 hour round trip was a William Wigman exhibition at OSU.

But first things first. The yarn shop was our first stop. I got yarn for Muir, beautiful green (melange forest) Misti Alpaca Lace.

Then I got the girls to go with me to the cross stitch store next door. How nice. That was my first time in a real cross stitch LYS (or LNS?). They hade stitched designs all over the store. Everywhere you could fit them and hanging from the ceiling as well.

I got this, this and this. Are you noticing a theme here? I love halloween and halloween decorations. I never had Halloween before. Once when I was an exchange student in Canada in 1991 and then last year as well. Kamilla is even more exited about Halloween and keeps asking if it is Halloween yet (how about now mom?).

When I got home I got all the stuff ready for Ghoulies and Ghosties and even started it! I haven´t started a cross stitching project in ages (and not worked on one for a while either).

We went to a spice store, where I got Apple Pie spice and dried Coriander leaves. And we had an early dinner at an Indian 'hole in the wall' restaurant called Dosa Corner.

Dosa Corner

Vexner Hall, the place where the exhibition was held is closed to Urban Outfitters. We popped in there first and I got a new wall hanging on sale ($5).

The exhibition was, in one word, 'funny'. Actually hilarious would describe it better. I encourage you to go and see his works if you have the change.

Last weekend was all about finishing. This weekend was all about starting new projects. I already mentioned the Just Nan Ghoulies and Ghosties. I had this inner urge to start more projects, so I started the Woodland Shawl with Trekking XXL sock yarn. The pattern requires only one 100 gr. ball of sock yarn. This yarn is so soft and yummie.

I also wanted to start Muir, but it didn't go so well. I had to stop in mid-row and when I pulled it up again some stitches had slipped of the needles. I have to start over but I'd only worked couple of rows. It starts with crochet cast-on and I can use the crochet chain again.

Since I didn't get around to sewing this weekend (we went to my coworkers house to dinner yesterday, where I ended up being the mosquitos' dinner) I bid you farwell with pictures of my sewing mistakes from the past (past being August 2007).


Rebecca said...

William Wegman is great. He has some great kids' works, like a book of Cindarella, and a Christmas video. Your kids would probably like those.

Your Halloween crosstitches are fun looking, can't wait to see pictures of them in progress. I love Halloween decorations too. And that shawl will be lovely, can't wait to see that too!

Erla Björk said...

Oh hvað ég öfunda þig að komast í svona alvöru saumabúð. Gangi þér vel með saumamyndirnar.