Sunday, September 23, 2007

Two for one

I've hardly picked up the pointy sticks at all last week. I was too tired in the evenings. But yesterday I made up for it and finished two projects.

The first one was Loksins! by Ms. Too Much Wool. I can't say I suffered from SSS (Second Sock Syndrome). On the contrary, I suffered from seperation anxiety. It was hard to let go. ha ha ha.

Loksins! blocked Loksins! on feet

The other project was my mitered square towel. I ended up sewing it together in the sewing machine, using variegated thread.

Ready to go

I tried to hand sew it before but it wasn't working out the way I wanted to. Besides, this was quicker. The variegated thread worked well.


And now it's hanging on the stove.

Working copy

There is also a photo of all of the towel.

Mitered Square Towel

I had lined up the squares to all be oriented the same but when I was done I noticed that that was not the case. But I like it like this too.


Luni said...

Gasp. Totally brilliant. I am a big fan of knitted dish towel (and do not like dish cloths), and I like this one a lot. A good way to try out that mitered afghan pattern without so much work!

Linda litlaskvis said...

Lovely socks! And the towell is amazing! Beautiful colors!

Rebecca said...

The socks are really nice, and the towel is great. I think it's more fun that the squares aren't all going the same way. Are you actually going to use it, or just use it for decoration?

Sonja said...

Thanks guys. I'm using the towel just to dry my hands, not to dry dishes. But I don't know how the rest of the gang uses it :)

sgeddes said...

Love the towel and the socks! That towel looks almost big enought to be a rug. I like how the miters all go different directions. I'll have to give it a try.

thanks for the tip about the turkish cast on in my blog comments!

sigurlaugh said...

Beautiful socks. I really would like a pair like that. The towel looks great on the stove. Is it a pattern from Kaffe Fassett?

Sonja said...

No Sigurlaug, it's more in the style of Mason-Dixon. The squares are made by two k2tog in the center in every other row.

gail said...

What a wonderful decoration for your kitchen--a towel made of bright mitered squares. The socks are spectacular, but the towel must make you smile in the morning!

Harpa J said...

That´s just what I was thinking - this is really a "happy" towel. And the socks are great.