Monday, October 29, 2007

Sewing or not sewing, that's the question.

Yesterday (Sunday) I had no energy. I'm glad this doesn't happen often to me and that normally I have quite a bit of energy. It was a very uncomfortable feeling.

I did have the energy to do one thing. I cut down pieced for a tote bag that I wanted to sew. However, when I wanted to sew the bag the stitch didn't look good and I could fix it. I couldn't find the manual either because although I've kept it by the sewing machine (which doesn't have a permenent place to stay), last week I put it away (the manual). Why do I do this!

There was too much tension on the upper thread and the stitches weren't even straight. Do you think I might need it serviced?

Today (Monday) I feel much better. I was a little worried because Clint's been sick. I hope I'm not getting what he has.

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Rebecca said...

I do the same thing about putting things away and then not being able to find them.

I would try fiddling with the tension and re-threading the machine, also check the bobbin to make sure it's moving smoothly. My old Singer had this bad habit of getting stuck and that would make the tension off. I always kept a scrap of fabric by it to double check tension before sewing. You can also try oiling it. Some machines are just touchy. Of course, if you find a good service place it's probably good to get to know them and all that. Maybe it's not too much to get it tuned up.