Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Sewing, stitching, whatever.

How did I do with my plan for Saturdays for sewing? Well..... In Icelandic 'sauma' can mean either sewing or stitching so if we keep that in mind I did very well with my Saturdays for sewing plan.

I stitch like the wind on my Ghosties and Ghoulies. So by the time I went to bed yesterday I had this:

WIP Ghoulies and Ghosties Oct.8th

A small progress on the Woodland shawl. I worked on it in my library knitting group (first Saturday of the month) and when I was outside with the girls (when we weren't playing hide and seek or tag).

That's it.


Rebecca said...

Cute! What do you do with all your stitching, are you going to hang it up for autumn?

Sonja said...

I hope to do that.

StashDiva said...

cute cross stitch picture, and I want a picture of the wooland scarf, I am still picking yarn for it.

Erla Björk said...

Þetta gengur bara vel hjá þér.