Friday, February 02, 2007

The Year of A-Longs

There seems to be a theme to this year (2007). Stitch-a-longs and knit-a-longs or 'A-longs'.

I started doing the Monthly Dishcloth KAL, beginning í Jan. They have KALs, starting the 1. and the 16. of the month. Right now we're on the second day of the Feb. KAL, my third one.

I'm also doing the 'Petite Maison de Campagne' (eng. 'Little Country House') SAL over at Grille de Maryse. I'm still doing the January bit. I thought I was going to have it finished before Feb. rolled around but I haven't been as productive stitcher as I hoped for.

My stitching group, Allt í kross, is having a Secret SAL. I prepared for it weeks ago (about 2 weeks) and the first part comes today. Not that I will be doing any stitching tonight. It's our anniversary. Five years and counting.

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Rebecca said...

A-longs can be fun and you can learn a lot or get a lot of ideas. Like the Socktober one, I learned a lot of sock things and was inspired to do more socks.