Monday, February 19, 2007

A sure sign of us moving

I'm finishing up a few things. One reason is because we're moving, but not less pressing is the fact that couple of my friends are having babies with the due date in sight. So I have to hurry up and send couple of stuff to them. Then there is Clint's relative, who is due at the end of May.

I'm pretty sure at least one of the recipients or possibly two read this blog. At least they'll be surprised of what they get and not all of it is necessarily in this post anyways.

Clint's relative is actually his cousin's girlfriend (their older kid is in Paula's (my MIL-tengdó) daycare), and she is certain to have a girl (the other two are undecided, may fall either way). So I'm giving the kimono to her. I can't really see a boy in a kimono, which is a shame. Why can't boys wear something cute?

The other things I've finished are couple of bibs. The pedal bib only needed a little blocking but the denim bib needed a button and an appliqué.

You can read more about them on flickr - which makes this an short and uninteresting blog :o

My Lopapeysa is all ready to be sewn up. I bought the zipper yesterday, jacket zipper even. I mean, it's a jacket rather than a cardigan anyways. It's bulky (by that I mean knit out of bulky yarn) so it needs a serious zipper, right?

I was going to tackle this tonight, but came up against a small problem. My MIL's (tengdó) sewing machine is a Singer, who is over 50 years old. (Oh boy, I hope I don't get any hate mail from Baby Boomer singers!). It's not so likely that it can handle the thick fabric of the sweater/jacket.

I'm going to go to JoAnn's tomorrow and see if they will do it for me. I could pretend I was in the market for a sewing machine. Well, technically I am. I will buy a sewing machine, but not until after I've moved. Perhaps not until we've finally settled down (the Ohio University job is a temporary job).

Since you'll have to wait a little longer to see the finished piece I give you this preview. Well, I also wanted to show you (my faithful readers) how the colors come out. I still think each one of the colors are beautiful and both the complementary colors go well with the base color - but the yellow is too bright and completely drowns the green. It looks better in daylight. I suspect that part of my problem is that I've only worked on it (especially the color part) at night, with artificial light.

p.s. we're leaving next Tuesday (27th).


Linda litlaskvis said...

I love the bibs. I also really need a lopapeysa. Probably for next winter though.
Good luck with the move and be sure the check in with us once you are there. I hope you will like your new place :o)

Sigga Sif said...

The lopapeysa is looking good! The colors are completely wrong on my monitor - the yellow looks offwhite and the green looks gray! Jeez, those monitors are crazy.

Sonja said...

The great thing about bibs is that all kids need them and they wouldn't be too small or too big.

Thanks for the good wishes.

Weird how the colors are completely different for you Sigga Sif.

Rebecca said...

I had the same weird colour thing on my Mac, I think it's a Mac thing. It still looks nice.

All of the baby gifts are so cute. I'm not sure if a boy could wear a kimono or not but it's definitely sweet for a girl.

sigurlaug said...

No, dont't think it is a Mac thing because I'm using a Toshiba and I neither see green nor yellow, but gray and offwhite. But it still looks good. Cute baby stuff. I would dress a baby boy in a kimono. As long as it isn't very pink!